World History Textbook 9th Grade

World History Textbook 9th Grade

The Best Choice Of World History Textbook For Ninth Grade?

The high school curriculum is ever changing, adapting to how students learn, and creating new ways to interact with students so they can learn better. One particular course of study the typical ninth grader goes through is World History.

When it comes to a World History Textbook for 9th Grade, there are different textbooks made for ninth graders, however, with our research, we have brought it down to two of the most popular choices and textbooks most recommended for 9th Grade World History.

World History Textbook 9th Grade

These two world history textbooks below are the top most used textbooks that offer interactive and fun learning for ninth grade students. Of course, when it comes to world history and learning, it needs to be fun and interactive to achieve the best results.

So first on the list, is the:

Glencoe’s World History Textbook (Written by Jackson J. Spielvogel.)

The book is very detailed with tons of information about World history. It offers an exciting way for kids to learn history with interactive online content, beautiful images, and exciting content that relates to current day events.

It creates a sense of involvement with the student since it utilizes modern day technology to reinforce lessons in the textbook. This enables the student to remember the event. The book is written by a well-known historian who is partnered with the National Geographic Society to bring you the most up to date content about history.

This one covers everything needed from a World History Textbook for 9th Grade use.


Another 9th Grade World History Textbook worth taking into account is the:

Civilizations Past and Present World History Textbook

Written by Robert R. Edgar, Neil J. Hackett, George F. Jewsbury, Barbara Molony, and Matthew S. Gordon.

Personally, I love how it exactly shows the student what happened in world history. It starts from the really ancient times, where our ancestors the homo sapiens were created. Then it continues to Ancient Mesopotamia. The book basically is written in a time line that lays out its foundation from the beginning of man.

They say a strong foundation builds a strong home, and this world history textbook really does that. The textbook includes time lines and rich secondary sources that really builds upon what the student has read in previous chapters. Detailed maps show you were an important event happens, the date of the event and some other extra information about the event. This world history textbook isn’t as interactive and fun as the first option being Glencoe’s World History Textbook, which focuses more on interaction and fun within the learning, which of course if important.

Both books mentioned here are well known and are used in a ninth grade curriculum. Each world history textbook has its benefits, and they both offer great detailed content. Although their design may vary, each is tailored and made to reinforce the lessons taught in each chapter. If you plan to purchase a world history textbook for ninth grade history textbook, then you should really look into these two textbooks mentioned here and choose what is best for you student.

World History Textbook 9th Grade

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