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World History Textbook 8th Grade

World History Textbook 8th Grade

8th Grade World History Textbook Options

During their early years in school, students are already introduced to World History. Topics however only usually cover the most interesting details expressed in a very simplistic manner – this in order to keep the energy of the class going. But once students hit their 8th grade, it is time to raise the bar.

A World History Textbook for 8th grade must start to cover more details about how civilizations formed, how they developed, and how they came to end (if the civilization no longer exists) or how it evolved (if it still exists).

A good world history textbook for 8th grade will also touch deeper topics than just events, names, and dates. Good history books should also include cultures, behavior, societal developments, and such.

Even though world history is often thought of as just a prerequisite subject, it can actually have a huge impact on the student’s development.

Therefore, parents and teachers must take into account the quality of the textbook to be used. One such 8th grade world history textbook which is widely used in many schools across the United States and also in other countries is The Old World America authored by Most Reverend Philip J. Furlong.

You may notice that this World History textbook is written by a Catholic priest. As such, the textbook also covers the religious significance of many ancient civilizations and countries. As evidence of its religious influence, this history book actually starts with the great flood towards the prehistoric societies.

Topics covered include histories of Romans, Greeks, and regions in the East. Important ages and turns of time in history that are tackled in the world history textbook include the medieval periods or the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and also religious events like the triumph of the Church and the revolt of the Protestants.

The textbook also follows a beautiful time frame format which sequences events strategically so that they are easy to remember. So after the early civilizations, the textbook ends with explorations and discussions about the modern world. It is a complete world history textbook for 8th grade students which covers very important points in human history.

Another great World History textbook for 8th Grade is the World History: Medieval and Early Modern Times. This textbook is published by Mcdougal Littell/Houghton Mifflin. Like the first World History book mentioned, it also covers important turning points and times in history in a chronological manner. This way, students are having a trip from ancient to modern.

The textbook specializes in civilizations, events, and records from the Medieval Period. It then progresses and introduces students into the modern world.

This textbook is also a beautiful and more interactive upgrade over older textbooks. It makes use of colorful images, graphs, and map works in order to present discussions in a clearer fashion.

Indeed, these two great examples of a world history textbook 8th grade, and will help pave way for students to understand more about the history of the world. This is important because knowledge of our past will help inculcate into the students very important lessons in life.

These are some of the well-known 8th grade world history textbooks and both cover all angles for 8th grade students to learn and study.

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